Type designer & lettering artist


— La Clef

(WIP) Custom typeface for a movie theater in Paris. La Clef Revival

— Pompette

Custom typeface for restaurant called Pompette with Atelier Marge Design


— Valorama

Valorama is a simple typeface dedicated to experimental distribution channels. It is available for purchase via the Gchange platform.

— Équinoxe

Custom typeface for a Equinoxe with Atelier Marge Design

— Logos & letterings

A collection of various logos and letterings!

— VTF Pilowlava

Designed with Jérémy Landes from Studio Triple, Pilowlava was commissioned by Cercle Magazine#7 and is now available on Velvetyne Type Foundry. Pilowlava has been selected as Typographica's favourite typeface of 2019.

— Format 1452

Format 1452 is a modular sans-serif typeface initiated by Frank Adebiaye. I'm currently working on the v2.1, and this version will include at least 4 weights.
Download the latest version here!​​​​​​

— Déclaration d'indépendance du Cyberespace

Poster designed for the official release of Trickster by Jean-Baptiste Morizot.

— Velvetyne Fellowship License

The Velvetyne Fellowship License allows creators to share their work, peer-to-peer, with their fellows.
Visit the dedicated website!
Read the article by Type01.

— TTF Paysage

Paysage is a humanist-style sans-serif typeface. It's characterised by a distinctive "g" and a regular rhythm. Available on Tunera Type Foundry under Sil Open Font License.

— Disco Fugees Poster

Poster designed for the release of Outward by Raoul Audouin

— Agoraphobia - Lettering

My participation in Deluxe's latest video Egoraphobia. At the request of my friend and talented director Theo Vincent, I made this mystical custom lettering, which appears in the video.

From the studio