Graphic design studio

Le Coq Sportif — Lettering

Design of the Fall 2021 for the Le Coq Sportif golf collection. Creation of an LCS monogram with pure and geometrical shapes, in close collaboration with the Le Coq Sportif Japan textile design team.

Équinoxe — Typography

Typeface designed with Atelier Marge Design, for the visual identity of Équinoxe, a national reference venue for the performing arts.

Pompette — Typography

Pompette is a typeface family designed for the eponymous Bar/Restaurant.


Chat des Rues — Branding

Logo designed for the Chat des Rues Art Gallery based in Tel Aviv. It is a custom-made lettering with sharp, feline shapes.

Various Posters — Graphic Design

Les Rencontres de Lure — Publishing

The Rencontres internationales de Lure examines writing in all its forms (typographic, literary, visual or digital). For over 60 years, they have been held in the south of France: they organise conferences, monitor ongoing research and provide a platform for its members to share ideas and know-how. In 2019, we designed the programme for the Rencontres de Lure, whose theme was Instant T: time, trend, and typography. The programme contained the agenda of the week, the presentation of the conferences and a sundial to cut out of the cover.

Cap sur 2020 — Graphic Design

2020 greeting cards made for FORMASUP PARIS IDF, a superior training centre in higher education.

Welcome to Logistics City — Graphic Design

Sogaris has joined forces with IFSTTAR and the University of Paris Est-Marne-La-Vallée to bring to life the Logistics City university chair, devoted to urban logistics and its territorial dimension. This White Paper on the new urban logistics is a discovery of the field of study that is urban logistics.

Mercycle — Branding

Quelle sera l’agriculture de demain ? Quand et comment la transition agroécologique aura-t-elle lieu ? Mercycle est un tour de France écoresponsable à vélo qui tente d’identifier les freins et les leviers à la transition agroécologique, primordiale pour faire face à de nombreux problèmes actuels (écologiques, éthiques, économiques, sociaux...). De mars à septembre 2019, Clémence Marion, 25 ans, a parcouru la France Métropolitaine pour interroger les coulisses de l’agriculture. Sous forme d’interviews, il s’agira de connaître la vision des agriculteurs et d’autres acteurs français de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation, et leur perception de cette transition.

La mémoire délivre — Graphic Design — Publishing

In the course of its history, memory has externalized itself more and more. Today the memory of mankind is going through a massive accumulation and storage phase. The abundance of information fills the servers. But if they give access to a massive amount of content, in the same way, internauts have to deal with questionable and non-classified information. Indeed it is necessary today to step back and realize the internet memory content has flaws. Thus, books contain a build, layered knowledge and constitute a valuable alternative on the memory field. Moreover, today given the expansion of digital, books are threatened. Therefore our goal was to show the legitimacy of the book as a memory keeper. This dissertation, produced at Estienne as part of a DSAA Design and communication strategies, explores possible solutions to guarantee a quality collective memory.