About Maous Studio

Maous, is a French creative studio, in operation since 2017. Maous offers a singular, jovial and contemporary vision, with the belief that writing is the cornerstone of brand identity. Maous takes care of its clients, valuing their stories. Maous surrounds itself with creators from different backgrounds to enrich its creative approach and meet today's communication needs.

Maous, what ?!

[maus] (informal): A french slang term meaning massive, giant, remarkable.

Anton Moglia

Freelance graphic designer, calligrapher and type designer from Marseille. Trained at the Estienne school, in design and communication strategies, Anton founded in 2017 the Maous studio which gathers his solo and team projects.


The studio does not offer any internships in 2021/2022.


I creates visual identities, designs logos, and offers expert advice on your positioning and identity. I create shapes, compose posters, flyers of all shapes and on all media. I layout books, catalogues and programmes. I develop custom fonts. I organise educational workshops on graphic design, typography and lettering.


  • BETC
  • Sogaris
  • Hermès
  • Leslie David Studio
  • Atelier Marge Design
  • Codefrisko
  • Studio Triple
  • Noranim
  • Studio Ravages
  • Gédéon
  • Mikros
  • Le Coq Sportif