Maous is a graphic design studio run by Anton Moglia. Based in Paris, we are working on visual identities, custom type-design projects, or digital communication. We believe in a mix of disciplines and we aim to spread on paper, on screen, on space.
What we do

We are a network of passionate creative people brought together by Anton Moglia to meet today's communication needs. We work hard to take our clients to the next level by listening, and valuing their stories. We believe that typography is the cornerstone of a strong brand identity.

We create visual identities, draw logos, compose posters, flyers of all shapes and on all media. Design websites. Layout books, catalogues, programs. Develop custom fonts. Conduct educational workshops on graphic design and typography. We produce everything from the simplest documents to the most immersive visual experiences.

Our services

We work for clients all over the world, from auto-entrepreneurs to large companies. Distance doesn't matter, we can work remotely. The studio is not offering internships in 2019.

We worked for :

Studio Ravages
Leslie David
Studio Triple